Mael S.p.A.

Gruppo Mael


Real Estate


The management activities related to bankruptcy agreements of Mael S.p.A. have over time consolidated the real estate assets of the same and of the group, which has acquired solidity and robustness. The considerable assets are made up of managed properties that belong to different sectors, such as: tourism, logistics, mining, prestige real estate. It is also important to mention the agricultural sector, which has become an element of strength thanks to the enhancement and conversion investments made.

Due to the experience gained, we are able to intervene in different situations, both by submitting applications for the agreement and through a direct acquisition. The prime example is the real estate, of any type and in any condition, which represents an obstacle to the liquidation of the assets.

Real Estate Initiatives

Significant development projects in various Italian locations, aimed at creating first-rate real estate initiatives.

Hotels & Resorts

Elegant and refined luxury buildings set in suggestive holiday locations. Guests are offered an excellent service, in line with the needs of the refined clientele.

Valuable Real Estates

In Mael group’s wallet appear numerous prestigious properties, located in different Italian locations.

Logistics Hubs

Among the properties owned by the group there is also an important logistics hub, located in the heart of Northern Italy, well connected to the main traffic routes.

Quarries and mines

An important upgrading project, located in Genoa, with solid and consistent development prospects.

Shopping Center

From acquisition to enhancement, Castelnuovo del Garda Commercial Park is an example of Mael group’s ability to revitalise and develop acquired properties and companies.